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Shore Excursions/Activities At The Adventure Oasis

Looking for an adventure? Look no further than our Adventure Oasis! Our Facility offers a variety of shore excursions (Activities) that are sure to get your imagination racing. Whether you're looking for team building challenges, thinking activities, sensory exploration, or agility-based obstacle courses, we've got you covered. Come join us for an unforgettable experience!

Our Themed Areas & Shore Excursion Activities:


The Market
Shore Excursions:


Join a team with someone and par-take

in a timed Grocery Store Relay. Its Just Like Being In a Game Show! Who Ever Gets The Most Things On Their Grocery List In A Certain Amount Of Time Wins!

Farmer Sam's Market is the perfect place for kids to learn about grocery shopping and nutrition in a fun and interactive way. With a wide range of pretend products to choose from, children can explore our store and get a hands-on experience of what it's like to shop at a real grocery store.

Our pretend country market store also offers a variety of activities that teach kids about healthy eating habits. From scavenger hunts to recipe-making and more, kids can learn all about nutrition and have a blast doing it. Come join us at Farmer Sam's Country Market during your visit.


The Aquarium

Welcome to The Aquarium! An immersive and educational space where kids and parents alike can explore the wonders of the ocean. Our pretend aquarium is designed to engage all of the senses, through innovative and interactive water sensory activities.

Aquarium Shore Excursions:

Search As You SeA

Are You A Treasure Hunter? Well, Here Is Your Chance To Use Your Investigative Skills To Figure Out The Facts To Find The Hidden Treasures Of The Ocean!

Villy Vonkah's Ice Cream and Candy Emporium is the perfect place for your child to get creative and pretend to run a diner and ice cream shop. We provide the backdrop for your child to explore their imagination and have fun. Our play kitchen, ice cream counter, and pretend food will inspire your child to create a world of their own.

We also offer a variety of fun activities like ice cream scooping, baking, and designing. Villy Vonkah's is the perfect place for your child to explore and create lasting memories. Come join us for a fun and pretend play experience


Ice Cream Shop Shore Excursions:


Can You Keep Up With The Food Orders? You Team Will Verse Another Team To See Who Make The Most Ice Cream And Food Orders In A Certain Amount Of Time. The Best Time Wins!


Can you guess the amount of cany in each candy jar? No Cheating : )

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Tidal Floor Shore Excursions:

Rock Around The Blocks

Challenge Yourself and try to create a formation out of giant building blocks to match the picture that you are given!

The Tidal Floor

The Tidal Floor is the perfect destination for anyone looking to explore and challenge themselves with an array of activities. We offer a wide variety of fun, educational activities for all ages and backgrounds. Our mission is to bring out the creative explorer in everyone.

We strive to make learning engaging and enjoyable. Our activities are designed to stimulate the senses and to encourage curiosity and exploration. Come discover the wonders of the world with us


The Beach House

Welcome to our Beach House Room, where creativity and fun come together! Our space is perfect for art and sensory crafts, as well as hosting birthday parties and private events. Let your imagination run wild and create unforgettable memories with us.

The Big Sparkler Volcano Dance Challenge

Do You Have The Best Dance Moves Of Them All? Every Hour, The Volcano comes to life and erupts to a catchy tune. Who ever has the best dance moves till the end of the Volcano Eruption Wins!


The Flip Flops Club

The Flip Flops Club Is A Space for the Grown Ups and Bigger Kids To Try There Hand at challenging activities 

while they sit at the surf shack counter.


The Back-Yard

The Back-Yard Artificial Turf Area is the ideal location for playing various yard games! Don't forget to check out the fun equipment we have on the cargo hoist!


The Campsite

At The Campsite, we offer a unique experience for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Our pretend camping activities are designed to give you a sense of adventure and exploration. Our rope tying activities will help you feel like a seasoned outdoorsman in no time. And our pretend campfire is the perfect spot to sit back and relax while you soak in the fun of camping. Come and join us at The Campsite for an unforgettable experience

The Campsite Shore Excursions:

Grizzly Grants Rope-Tie Challenge


Looking for a fun and challenging activity to do with friends? Look no further than Grizzly Grants Rope Tie Challenge! Our two rope lashing walls offer both easy and challenging options for solo participants or teams. If you're up for a challenge, join in on the time challenge and see how you stack up against the competition.

Fusion Springs

Fusion Springs is an interactive glow activity room for kids of all ages. Our space-themed area is filled with blacklight murals and projections which creates an out of this world experience. We have a wide range of games and activities to keep you in the adventure, from state of the art lighting effects to hands on light based activities.

Fusion Springs is a great place to explore and have fun.

Our Gravity Floor projector makes it easy to customize your experience in this space themed space.

Fusion springs.jpg

Fusion Springs Space Excursions:


Low Gravity Floor

The Low Gravity Floor in Fusion Springs offers a unique and thrilling experience for adventure seekers. With its innovative design, visitors can take on a variety of exciting challenges that are sure to leave them feeling exhilarated. Come and experience the thrill of the Low Gravity Floor for yourself!

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Fusion Reactor

Can You Get All The Glowing Pegs In The Right Order On Our Fusion Reactor Light Bright? How many combinations can you do under a little pressure? Its not a worry, its not like the stake of man kind is relying on you or anything like that : )


Your Mission is to follow the felid command manual and get the ship back up and running by completing the correct circuit patterns on the board before time runs out. Do You And Your Team Have What It Takes?

Trouble On The 


Quirk In The

Your Teams Goal Is To Connect As Many Pipes Together With What You Are Given Before The Timer Runs Out! Do You Have What It Takes?


Midnight Run

With The Help of your high-tech marble space elevator, You need to get your marble course together with all the pieces together and being structurally sound before the other team.  All you have to do is roll to that finish line!


The Boardwalk

Welcome to The Boardwalk, the perfect place to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy some classic sidewalk games. Our boardwalk has been designed to bring the community together and provide a fun, safe environment for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking to challenge your friends to a game of checkers or simply take in the sights, The Boardwalk has something for everyone. Our wide selection of boardwalk activities is sure to bring hours of fun for the entire family. Come take a walk and see for yourself

Boardwalk Shore Excursions:

Crazy Crabs

How Good is You Aim? In This Activity, you have three levels to get your ping pong ball into the basket. The First is with a ping pong paddle, the other two levels involve rebounding your ball off a box. Will You Bring Your Team To Victory On This Boardwalk Game?

a crab.jpg

Jump 'n' Bean Toss

Join a friendly competition of corn-hole with a twist! Can you throw the distance of the boardwalk to your to touchdown to victory?

Undertow Ring Toss

Can You Land The Ring On The Surfboard Hook? Hang loose with your team and go with the flow to bring your swing to the the target!


The Coast Guard
Training Slide

The Coast Guard Trainer is a one-of-a-kind, coast guard themed steam roller slide. It offers a thrilling ride for riders of all ages as they speed down the slide, while being surrounded by a unique and exciting atmosphere.

The slide features a unique combination of a classic steam roller and a coast guard themed design, making it an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re looking for a fun activity for the whole family, or an exciting adventure just for yourself, The Coast Guard Trainer has you covered.

Cabana Cove

Cabana Cove is a special  alcove for parents to relax and watch their children play. Our goal is to provide a worry-free and stress-free environment for all guests.  Plus, our lounge area is equipped with phone chargers and comfortable seating for parents to relax and watch their kids play. Come to Cabana Cove and enjoy a nice area to watch the commotion.

Sammy's Surf Shack


Sammy's Surf Shack is more than just a surf rental shop (That never seems to have surf boards in stock) – it’s also a go-to spot for cold beverages as your adventurers explore Tidal Springs.

The Surf shack is also used for special events and classes.

(The Surf shack is only open based on demand during Feild Trips & Special Events. To purchase beverages when the surf shack counter is closed, please ask one of our team members to assist you)

sam store.png

Sammy's Sensory Store is your one-stop-shop for sensory toys and kits for kids. We offer a diverse selection of toys and kits that are geared towards sensory development. Our store is safe and fun, providing children with a place where they can learn, play and grow. Our team of experts is here to help you find the perfect toy or kit for your child, so they can have fun while developing their senses. Come visit us today and see for yourself why Sammy's Sensory Stuff is the best place for sensory play!

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