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About Us:

Welcome to Sammy's Adventure Oasis, where we celebrate the imagination and sense of adventure in creativity and team building play. Our special needs daughter Samantha inspired us to create this one-of-a-kind center where kids  of all ages can can come to play and explore We're proud to offer a range of activities that stimulate all of the senses of imagination and help kids achieve their fill to create their own adventure. We're here to provide a place where families can come together and create lasting memories. Come visit us today and discover the difference that Sammy's Adventure Oasis can make!

The Tale Of Tidal Springs

Captain Samsonite was known throughout the seas as a fearless and intrepid explorer, always seeking new lands and uncharted territories. Her reputation was built on tales of her daring escapades and her insatiable curiosity. One fateful morning, as the sun's rays painted the sky with hues of gold and orange, Captain Samsonite stood at the helm of her ship, the "Blue-Fah-Mu," gazing out at the horizon with a glint of anticipation in her eyes.

Rumors had reached her ears of a mystical island said to be hidden beyond the reaches of any known map—a place known only as the Island of Tidal Springs. It was said that this island held secrets beyond imagination, a land where nature's wonders came alive in ways that defied explanation. Intrigued by the tales and driven by her insatiable desire for discovery, Captain Samsonite set her course toward this legendary destination.

Weeks turned into months as the " Blue-Fah-Mu," sailed across vast oceans, battling fierce storms and treacherous currents. Yet, Captain Samsonite's resolve remained unshaken. She led her crew with a steady hand, encouraging them with tales of the riches and mysteries that awaited them on the Island of Tidal Springs.

One day, as the crew scanned the horizon for any sign of land, a faint shimmer caught Captain Samsonite's attention. As the ship drew closer, the shimmer transformed into a radiant display of colors dancing upon the water's surface. The crew members stared in awe as they approached what could only be the fabled Island of Tidal Springs.

As the ship glided into the calm, crystal-clear waters surrounding the island, the air itself seemed to give a sense of magic. Captain Samsonite and her crew lowered the anchor and set foot on the island's shores, their eyes widening with wonder at the sights that greeted them.

That was years ago, now is your time to explore and discover the wonders Sammy had on the island of Tidal Springs.

What Inspired All The Fun?

Sammy's Adventure Oasis  was founded by a mom and dad who wanted to create a safe and enjoyable environment for their daughter, who has autism. With her help, we have been able to create a range of activities that inspire a creative play adventure for all ages!

The Star Of The Adventure

Sammy loves golf cart rides, playing with her iPad and loves her Winnie the Pooh and Piglet dolls. Sammy also enjoys going up north and staying at her camper where she gets to go on the trails with her golf cart.

At our facility, you may see her touches our Tidal Springs Adventure Oasis.

(Mom and  Sensory Architect For Sammy's Adventure Oasis)

(Dad and Sammy's Best Friend)

Sammy's Sensory Adventure Oasis is a family owned business that was inspired by our experience in Developing Connections, a speech and occupational therapy clinic. 

At Sammys Adventure Oasis, we believe in the power of play! Our products are designed to engage children of all abilities in a playful and iamginative way. Every activity is thoughtfully crafted to stimulate the senses, engage the mind, and encourage learning. We offer a wide variety of activities for imaginative play and creativity.

Thank you Samantha for just being you and putting all your trust in Mom and Dad. We love ya.

Seldom is life perfect, and ours has been shaped by Samantha’s disability. She is, and always will be, my little girl. She has a life that is defined by the love she gives and receives. And the best that we can do is help her experience the world that lies outside the veil of autism.


Sammy is the light of my life, and I am so lucky to have her as my daughter and best friend.

What The Parents Say

"My child had so much fun at Sammy's Sensory Fun Oasis and learned so much at the same time! I highly recommend it!"

- Jenna's mom

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