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Come Join In On Our Halloween Opening Celebration!

A Halloween Sensory Fun Event!

Oct 21st

Trunk or Treat & Trick or Treating

Come join us for some Halloween fun at Sammy's Sensory Stuff! Our Not So Spooky Trick or Treat event is just what you need to put a smile on your kids' faces. Our parking lot on the will be the place to be, with plenty of themed car candy stations and games to enjoy. Don't forget to show off your best costume! Our staff members will be on hand to make sure everyone has a good time, while ensuring health and safety precautions are in place.

Cider And Donuts

 As you go around getting candy and trick-or-treating, take a break and refresh yourself with a cup of sweet apple cider and a delectable donut or two. 

Halloween String Lights

Not So Spooky Springs Lights in Downtown Tidal Springs and The Boardwalk

Check Out the Halloween and Fall Decorations at our one of a kind indoor boardwalk and Pretend play Shops in Tidal Springs. Also check out our Halloween Lights display.

The Halloween Galaxy

Enter our Fusion Springs area to get some more candy as well see some cool not so spooky projection lights at the space command starbase. 

Swooping Bat

The Cauldron Of Truth

Phineas Nightblood is here for One Night Only to introduce his magic cauldron of truths. The cauldron is enchanted to only answer yes or no questions. Each flicker the cauldron does will lead you closer to the truths youve longed to be answered.

Sammy's Sensory Stuff Co.

On your way out of Tidal Springs, stop by the Sammy's Sensory Stuff Company Store. Here you can find Halloween sensory related goodies perfect for spooky season as well as some Christmas themed goodies.

Grand Opening Open House Questions

 We invite you to connect with us and learn about our products and services. Join us for an unforgettable trick-or-treat experience where you'll get to explore our rooms and discover exciting new tools!

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